“Stoned Hippie Ponders His Support for Occupy Wall Street”

There used to be a time when a person who worked full time, even at what was called a ‘Minimum Wage Job’, could live a life with dignity.

Just Sayin'...

You could afford not just the necessities of life…food, shelter, and clothing…(personally, I still think clothing is an option)…but you know, after the basics, they could still afford to invest some small amount of income in bettering themselves, or at least, enjoying themselves. You could afford to take a course, to go to a movie, you could save a few paychecks and buy a new bike, you could afford a bag of decent weed once in a while.

It’s not like that anymore.

People are living in their cars, or under bridges, and waking up and using the gas station washroom before they go to their ‘go-nowhere’ job at some greasy burger franchise. I’m excited about people taking it to the streets, with the spark of activism rekindled in such a diverse cross section of people. It feels great to sing along to Dylan’s ‘The Times They Are a Changing‘ again and really feel it, ya know?

Here’s a link to a video I made of the Occupy Vancouver event: Dance, Dance, Revolution!

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Hippie proclaims: “Sometimes I get high and think stuff up…”


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How To Get More Hip From Your Trip?

(the following is a detailed description of how to navigate the interactive hippie bus at thehippietrip.com – to enter the ‘Pschedelosizer‘ and take a far-out tour, just click the links ya dig?)

Lookin’ for the lowdown on this far-out and psychedelic scene? Wanna get more hip from your trip? Learn to maximize your psychedelic experience with these groovy tips from thehippietrip.com  

-Once inside the Psychedelosizer, you’ll find a control bar at the bottom center of the screen. Click on the controls to move left, right, up, and all around the far-out and funky space. Don’t forget to utilize the zoom in and out features: the further you zoom in, the more far-out details you will discover!

-You can also have some far-out fun by clicking and dragging your mouse across the screen. See how fast you can make the room spin as you spin your way through the psychedelic wonderland!

-Each image inside the Psychedelosizer is an individual link and fully clickable. Clicking on an image in the Psychedelosizer either launches the Flashback Accelerator, a groovy collection of linked media and video clips associated with the image, or will provide a direct link to a site or clip,

-Once the Flashback Accelerator is launched, you will find a collection of thumbnail images, each framed with a different color.

Get More Hip From Your Trip!

Red leads to YouTube clips

Black leads to posters

Yellow leads to media

-Also to be found within the Flashback Accelerator is a collection of subject quotes, trivia, and memorable moments. Look for our featured video clip on the bottom right corner of the page!

-The Psychedelosizer is set to auto-rotate. To toggle this switch on or off, just click the icon in the navigation bar that looks like…an auto rotate button!

Note: All images inside the Psychedelosizer when clicked upon will open in a new page. To return to the Psychedelosizer, simply close the page (depending on which browser you use) and you will return to the Psychedelosizer. Now you’re ready to click on more images, and take another Hippie Trip!

Oh yeah, due to the unstable nature of some video clips, you may occasionally encounter a dead link. If some such ungroovy thing happens, I apologize, and hey, if you got the time, send a copy of the dead link to easy@thehippietrip.com

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Top 5 Responses to the Interactive Hippie Bus!

Wow, would love to send a gracious shout out to all those brothers and sisters who’ve taken the time to share their kind words about my interactive hippie bus.

The Interior of the Interactive Hippie Bus!

The response has been wonderful, and the energy that has poured my way has filled my soul with gratitude and joy. Here are the top 5 responses by user’s so far:

  1. That’s just amazing! BRAVO! Super fly cool!
  2. Yo, your website bus thing is awesome! AWEEESSSOME!
  3. That is the craziest hippie site I’ve seen. And there are many!
  4. Hats off to you my friend! I can’t stop!
  5. Heaven all wrapped up and packed into a bus! Oh sweet bliss and ecstasy!  

Once again, thank you all for your kind comments, and if you haven’t had the chance to enter the ‘Psychedelosizer’ yet, ‘Get Hip to the Trip’ and visit thehippietrip.com

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Hippie Trip Ready for Launch!

Hey Hippie Trippin’ Brothers and Sisters! Welcome to ‘Tales From The Trip’! A blog about the way-out journeys of a psychedelic wanderer.

The Hippie Trip Mobile Peace Caravan!

For the past 18 months I have been busy creating the World’s first interactive hippie bus…and well, she’s ready and waitin’ for you to Tune In, Turn On and Go Greener! 

The Hippie Trip is a mobile ‘Hippie Pad’ tricked out to put some groove in your moves. Use the onboard controls to navigate the space and feel the good vibes as you ‘trip’ thru its Psychedelic 3D Environment! Designed to blow your mind, and inspired by those Brothers and Sisters who ‘Did Their Own Thing’ – the ‘Psyche-Delo-Sizer’ is a fully functioning Flashback Accelerator guaranteed to turn you on to Peace, Love, and Eternal Grooviness! Click on any image in the ‘Interactive 3D Trailer’ to discover the music, books, films, and even archival footage of the Counter-Culture! It’s a real gone trip, and I think you’ll dig it, so go ahead, do yourself a solid, and visit thehippietrip.com today!

I would like to send out a Far-out, Groovy, and Right On to all those folks who have been sending me such kind words on the launch of thehippietrip.com. Without your kind words, I probably would’ve fallen over in exhaustion after posting the site. It’s been a labour of peace and love, and along the way I have met a tremendous array of beautiful and loving people, and learned a plethora of ‘groovy and right-on’ new skills. For everything, I feel both blessed and grateful. 

Of course I would like my first post to include a list of the people who helped make this project happen:

J. Rowe, Eric Lundgren, Kelse Jacobsen, Janicka Grayson, C. Sutcliff, Heg Bulgwart, and Martin Hopkins.

Peace, light, and eternal grooviness to all!


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